It’s a humid start to the week and we’re sure the latest question we have for you is bound to make it hotter.

New research just unveiled, shows that a startling number of babies in the UK have been taken from mothers, at birth.

The Researchers collecting the data found that children were taken away from their parents by local authorities in over 90% of cases. It is the first time such data has been collated. 

Court records show that 7,143 mothers were involved in repeat care cases – affecting 22,790 children, over a period of seven years. Many are taken due to child neglect and abuse concerns. Once the first child is taken, and as part of what is understood to be a grieving process, many mothers get pregnant again, only to find that their next child is taken from them, too.

Dr Broadhurst in the article, argues that this data shows that the family courts drastically need to change their approach to help women in these situations turn their lives around.

Our question to you, is this: what could be done to make the family courts better?