The second Voice of the Child Conference, which is designed to inspire the family sector to look to more child-friendly practices, is to be held on 24th July in London, this year.

The conference is organised by Cafcass’s Family Justice Young People’s Board (FJYPB), which is made up of around 40 children and young people who have either been through the family justice system or have an interest in it. There are no details on the site about who these children are.

The FJYPB have published a Charter entitled The National Charter For Child Inclusive Justice, which aims to put children at the centre of all proceedings and to be mindful of their welfare throughout.

We like The Charter, we like the idea of the conference and we like that Cafcass is trying. Now all we need is to ensure that the Cafcass officers are properly trained, adhere to the Charter and get with the programme already.

Word on the street is that the nickname Crapcass is still alive and well. We hope they can kick it to the curb, with lots of more child-focused action on the ground.