She was Russian born, of Indian decent, a Sufi Muslim who studied at the Sorbonne and lived in Paris. When Noor Inayat Khan’s parents moved to London, she became an SOE agent in the Second World War. She never divulged one state secret under interrogation and fought so hard when she was initially caught, despite her quiet and shy demeanour, that she was classed as a highly dangerous prisoner.

Noor was, several times during the war, captured, detained, raped, tortured and then beaten savagely to death at Dachau. To add to the indignity of her treatment, she was finally shot in the back of the head.

Did she have blue eyes, blonde hair, attend midnight mass and have Norman ancestors? No, she fucking didn’t.

This is what British Values look like. So take a good look.

We just wanted to make a point. Yes, we know, something new and different for us.

You can read more about our British heroine, here. Well worth the read.