Yes, you read that correctly. New research from the MOJ suggests that the majority of court goers felt that they had been treated fairly and with respect with most feeling well-informed before and while at court.

Given the way in which the data was collected, the information seems to cover only a very small sample of people who have actually used the system, but what is interesting is the growing understanding amongst the public of what the family justice system is and how it works. That is, perhaps, in large part due to the media and a judge-led drive for more transparency inside the sector.

One thing to note when looking at these stats is that the vast majority of court goers are not involved in high conflict cases. And whilst high conflict cases are in percentage terms a minority (around 10% the last time we checked), they are what might be termed a significant minority. Ten percent translates into a lot of parents, and a lot of children.

So whilst we welcome the possibility that many families are happy with the service inside the system, we feel we need to remain focused on those facets which need help and not become complacent, for now.