Dr Hibbert, infamous family court psychiatrist, whose methodology and manner were questioned by parents and professionals alike, has been cleared of malpractice.

Now, he’s coming after the mothers who spoke out.

We cannot reveal names for legal reasons, but we have recently been made aware that Dr Hibbert is writing to judges presiding over hearings involving these women and asking the court’s permission to file documents he allegedly prepared during their assessments. Dr Hibbert is intentionally seeking out the women who spoke up about his treatment of them, finding their hearing data and requesting to be made a part of the proceedings.

This seems very unusual to us, but perhaps there is an underlying reason which may explain what seems odd in plain sight.

We have though, never come across this kind of behaviour from a professional inside the system.

Also rather worryingly, we received a cry for help by a former patient whose story is nothing short of shocking. It seems as if Dr Hibbert’s patients are still seeping out of Tadpole Cottage’s woodwork, but no one is stemming the rot.

The fitness to practice tribunal’s findings are less than satisfactory – the allegations made were not proven to be untrue – simply found to be unproven. And in a world where professionals like Dr Hibbert have the final say over whether or not a parent can keep their child, it’s a very unsettling state of affairs.