Yawn, yawn, and yawn, yet another 100 page document about professionals extolling the virtues of the new guidelines surrounding public family law cases and making snide underhand comments about the others’ sector….

So let’s cut to the chase and set down the key, stay awake now, findings:

  • Social workers need more training
  • The courts need to be better organised
  • Delays are still a part of the system
  • Parents aren’t being properly advised (the term the report uses is “focused legal guidance” –  that just means there are still too many lawyers out there dishing out incorrect legal advice).
  • Strict time limits are actually making a mess of things (the report tries to sugar coat this, but the data makes it clear – more haste, less speed).
  • The system lacks logical follow through (case management mayhem is still a problem)

And of course, not one person who had actually used the system was asked whether it was efficient, responsive and dynamic.

Despite the fact that this report states the obvious, it’s worth reading and does offer some interesting links to further research and information on the Public Law Outline.

Bring biscuits. Chocolate ones.