It took their Public Affairs team two weeks to get back to us, so we assumed they had taken the time to answer at least some of the questions we sent over, questions everyone in the know are asking, about Cinderella Law.

What we got back though, was a very nice, if totally ineffective, fob-off.

You would think the Public Affairs team would understand the importance of engaging with the public on the very serious concerns already coming to light in certain quarters about the proposed law – namely that it uses criminal sanctions in situations many are finding unreasonable.

We also appreciate that Researching Reform is not a national newspaper, but when a Public Affairs team explains that they are frustrated with the way the media have dubbed the proposal Cinderella Law (because it does not illustrate the scope of the problem effectively), you would think they would jump at the chance to engage with audiences who are actually prepared to listen.

What a wasted opportunity. Even if they choose not to engage with us in the future, let’s hope they answer some of the hard-hitting questions raised in other arenas at some point.