Welcome to another week of family news and politics.

Our question for you this week revolves around the notion of a bullet proof marriage. A recent wedding expo in South Africa hosted a stand for a book which promises to make your marriage just that. Setting aside the religious undertones and the distinct antipathy towards divorce in the article, we thought the book’s central message was interesting. Essentially, the book argues that marriages are really just about learning to problem solve, and that this is the key to a successful, and lasting, marriage.

Among some of the tips the book offers, is the idea that the real enemy inside a marriage is not your partner, but the problem you are facing together. The book also suggests identifying the root cause of the conflict to allow for a better understanding of one another, honing communication skills and developing the right attitude towards your partner.

We thought these were all interesting suggestions. But are marriages really ever bullet proof, even with safety nets and hard work?

Our question then, is this: Do you think marriages can be bullet proof, and if so, what do you think makes a marriage indestructible?