One of our greatest bug bears about the family justice system is the quality of evidence that comes before a court. That evidence is used to make some of the most dramatic decisions any human being might face in their lifetime and can lead to the removal of children from their family.

The veracity of that evidence then, must be of the highest calibre. Too often though, this is not the case and there is an entrenched and persistent culture inside the system which allows this exceptionally important aspect of child welfare to go awry.

Wonderful news then, that judges across the country including Mrs Justice Pauffley are making a stand against shabby procedure and less than satisfactory evidence. The latest judge to get tough on slack social work is Mr Justice Treacy, who recently ruled that a decision to remove a child from her mother was unlawful. There was simply not enough evidence, and an active decision on the Local Authority’s part not to consult with all the relevant parties. As is often the case, willful fabrication of facts to see the removal through was also part of the debacle.

For his courage and determination to ensure that good law is applied and followed, we make Mr Justice Treacy our Judge of the Week. We doff our hat to you.

Big hat tip to Alison Stevens over at PAIN for sharing this story on Google+, where we found it.