We wanted to share this interesting BBC Radio interview with Billy McGranaghan, Founder of leading Father’s Charity DadsHouse. John Humphrys spoke with Billy and Zoe Williams, a Guardian journalist.

Billy does a fantastic job of highlighting the difficulties stay at home fathers face both culturally and socially. He also touches on the need to help fathers get involved with parenting networks so they can have the support they’re looking for.

Our only gripe with the interview was the jaded perspective offered by Ms Williams. She seemed to be under the impression that mothers did not have time for networks and that they were too busy either tearing their hair out or being horribly bored by the whole baby experience. To say we found her views on parenting nauseating is an understatement. She certainly doesn’t come across as a bona fide mother, or even a vaguely engaged one.

As a mother myself, I’m privy to the vast networks mothers have, both within school structures and outside of them (for those who still have children not yet of school age). With the advent of the working mother, these networks have become more important than ever before. Mothers rely on each other to help with childcare, as they dash around from job to home, and some to school and back to make it all work. The mothers at my school certainly couldn’t do it all without the help of their networks. And fathers could benefit tremendously too, from networks like those DadsHouse offer.

I have also never found the day to day routine of looking after my son boring, at any age. I had plenty to do, and found showing him the world one of the most exciting experiences of my life. As he gets older, the depths of the world open up to him and the excitement only deepens. I often think women like Ms Williams should question why they have children in the first place. There is no room for vanity or Lemming Culture when it comes to bringing a life into this world. If you ain’t got the passion, don’t make the babies.

Founder of DadsHouse, Billy McGranaghan. We are not sure if he likes Jaffa cakes.

Founder of DadsHouse, Billy McGranaghan.