We’ve just started our video logging efforts and by all accounts they’re more than a little amateurish, but VEDA season is here and we are joining in.

Videologging Every Day in April is an effort to get people around the world to post a video every day for a month and we’re doing ours with the Battenhall community. Each day, we’ll be given a topic to video log about. Today’s was what inspired us. So, naturally, we looked to the mums and dads we work with and talk to every day, who inspire us to make our small contribution to the reformation of the family justice system. If you watch the, frankly, awful video we made, you will notice that we don’t mention anyone by name. We thought this might be better, as some of you we know don’t want to be named, and we were also very worried about missing anyone out in a fit of nerves (it’s the first time we’ve ever uploaded a video of ourselves and the experience has left us a little traumatised).

Still, we’re doing it again tomorrow and we’ll be here all month, so if you can put up with our face and our voice until May 1st, then you’re even braver than we thought.

You can check out our first VEDA entry here.

Fancy having a go? VEDA is for everyone, so get stuck in (and show us up for the amateurs we are)…..