The Guardian’s Comment Is Free section ran a Q&A session this afternoon with Dr Ian Brown, who is an expert on cyber security. The session today focused on technology and how it can be shaped for the greater good.

Readers were invited to ask Dr Brown a question and we were lucky enough to get a reply. This is what we asked:

“Hi Ian, I work in the family justice system on child welfare policies. There’s been a lot of debate in the UK recently on how to protect children from child abuse on line. I often see concerning search terms on my analytics page for my blog (which is focused on child welfare and child protection) and wish I could report the terms for further investigation. Is there anything the blogging community can do to help with the fight against online child abuse?”

This was Ian’s reply:

“Hi Natasha. A good place to start is the Internet Watch Foundation, which allows users to report criminal online content – see

See this recent article for more information on what the industry, IWF and National Crime Agency are doing:”

We thought Ian’s answer was very interesting and worth sharing with you, especially those of you who have blogs of your own.