The Research Bulletin series is the government’s way of providing a summary of the findings related to recent research on family justice. It also offers an update on the latest developments inside the system in relation to ongoing and future projects.

This particular bulletin includes details of recently published research on private and public family law. Interestingly, the bulletin also embraces international research in the same areas, with a view to offering a more complete view, which we like a great deal.

Another great feature is the site’s invitation to comment on the bulletin and even invites people to get in touch if they feel there are other research projects that should be included. You can email these guys over at

The bulletin is part of the government’s Knowledge Hub, which has been set up to help promote good practice and help highlight relevant research. Family Law’s hub is called the Family Justice Knowledge Hub.

The latest Bulletin contains some interesting research on:

  • Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs);
  • Pilots for streamlining family law work;
  • Enforcing contact orders in private family law;
  • Divorce and finance in private family law;
  • Relocation Disputes;
  • Shared parenting;
  • International family law issues and more besides.

It’s an interesting publication; the one down side? They don’t make it easy to subscribe (of course not, that would require common sense). For all the effort that must have gone into making this fabulous booklet, no one actually thought to make it easily available. We’ve even forgotten how we signed up ourselves, but we have a feeling we must have emailed a civil servant somewhere. Why not try emailing at to get signed up for the bulletin?

And if you’re reading this Hub Folks, why not get a subscribe button going? It will make a world of difference to your readership volumes…