Dr Hibbert, the psychiatrist who has been accused of malpractice by several mothers inside the family justice system, is currently before his disciplinary panel and some of the answers he’s giving to the way he treated his patients are startling.

Working on behalf of social services, Dr Hibbert was tasked with assessing whether mothers were fit to parent or whether they should have their children removed from them. He came into the public eye after a series of bizarre and unprofessional events which came to light after several mothers complained about his treatment.

Dr Hibbert has since shut down his practice, always a curious sign, and some of the answers he has given to the disciplinary panel are equally curious. There appears to be a blatantly cavalier attitude, not just towards the mothers he was entrusted with, but also in relation to the fastidiousness his duties required.

And is that make up he’s wearing? We just can’t help but think Dr Hibbert is seeing this hearing as an opportunity to flaunt himself; the mark of a truly confused and narcissistic human being?

The hearing continues.

Thank you to Miss A for sharing this piece with us.