This kind of work is very close to my heart, so when a colleague from a legal network I belong to shared this amazing charity’s work with us, I wanted to help out.

The charity’s full name is the Mohammed Salehi Medical Fund, and yes, as the name sounds it is an Iranian charity (check out this video for a funny take on my species). Their work is remarkable: the charity is designed to help Iranians in need of medical assistance and was set up after a young boy, Mohammed Salehi, died before he could receive treatment. The charity is named after him and dedicated to his memory.

The charity has helped 500 men, women and children so far, and has managed to raise £730,000, ALL OF WHICH HAS BEEN RAISED AND SPENT DIRECTLY ON PATIENTS IN NEED OF CARE.

You can see some of the amazing work they have done so far, here. And because they rely on donations to keep helping those in need, I am asking on their behalf whether you might be able to spare a few coins for this incredible endeavour. Please don’t worry if you can’t: just spreading the word through sharing this post, tweeting it or just telling people about the charity through word of mouth is a wonderful donation too.

If you’ve some time, why not check out their blog and past events? Thank you for taking the time to read this post. For those of you who wish to donate, you can reach the charity on this number: 0207 725 9670 or you’re welcome to contact them via post or email.