Yes, it’s a commercially driven, gimmicky attempt at getting suckers (like us), to part with our money once a year, but we never miss an opportunity to spread some love, no matter how contrite.

So, we would like to wish all of you a happy day, filled with love and laughter and for those of you who cannot be with the ones they love today,we are thinking of you.

Valentine’s Day is in many ways a profit driven holiday of sorts, but the more subtle implications have some merit. It’s a day which reminds people that love, despite a lack of success in bottling, selling and generally manipulating it is still made, given and felt. It’s a sacred commodity which we know deep down in our hearts can’t be sold or made from scratch, but it can be shared and still, despite our ever growing numbness to it, is the key to our survival, and our evolution.

One of the things I look forward to on Valentine’s Day, is my gorgeous eCard from The Attorney at Love, Jim Duzak. He’s something of a celebrity over in America and he is one of the kindest and cleverest legal minds I’ve had the privilege of meeting. We share an exchange of cards on this day, though it may not be quite what you think. Jim and I are not declaring our love for one another, our cards are just small fibre optic-driven tokens of kindness, in a world where that sort of emotion is more readily viewed as superfluous to life. Jim doesn’t think so, and I love being reminded that there are still people out there who understand the importance of a strong heart.

We hope you’ll enjoy today, for your own personal reasons, and if you’re looking for some last minute tips on telling someone you care, we’ve added some ideas below for you!

  • E cardswe love the ones over at Jimpix; fun but never cheesy. (And free to send)
  • Powerpoint slideshows – yup, it sounds geeky and all kinds of Wrong, but if you add music, animations and slide design into the mix you can make the best Walk Down Memory Lane slideshow for your loved one (it went down a treat with my son this morning)
  • Glitter Text – you don’t need to buy a card or flowers, this instant glitterification tool means you can dazzle your date with some pre-dinner sparkles (if you’re not planning on giving the real kind :)) We’ve added a demo below… you can even sparklify handmade cards online with Glitterfy, a personal fave of ours.