Having written previously about This Bill and the concerns we have surrounding it’s overly simplistic approach to child abuse, we can’t say we’re surprised that this Bill appears to be somewhat suspended.

Despite a provisional sitting having been set for 17th January, this meeting in the House of Commons did not in fact take place. 

The Bill’s home page on Parliament’s website tells us: 

The Bill was not moved for debate on 17 January 2014. The order to read the Bill a second time lapsed. There is no indication when the Bill will progress further.

The Bill was presented to Parliament through the ballot procedure on 19 June 2013.

If you wish to know more about this bill please contact its sponsor, Mr Mark Williams.

We did try previously to contact Mark for more information on this Bill, but he was not available for comment. (That just means he failed to respond to our tweet on the matter). Private Members’ Bills often do not make headway in the House of Commons, but this particular Bill appears to have stalled before it started.

It was a pretty poorly drafted Bill. We can’t say we’re sorry it appears to be dead in the water, but we do hope that some real change on the ground will take place at some point so that vulnerable children are protected properly.

UPDATED 22nd January, 2014: The Bill now appears to have a provisional sitting for its second reading marked down for the 28th February. Watch this space.