Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, issued a new set of guidelines yesterday which would allow for even more judgments to be published.

The latest court to be tackled is the Court of Protection, which has seen some appalling cases of unjust treatment for those who have come before it. Sir Munby’s new guidelines suggest greater publication of judgments in this court.

As a result, reports The Independent, we can expect to see published judgments from the Court of Protection where cases involve the following areas:

  • Anything referring to the giving or receiving of serious medical treatment;
  • The deprivation of liberty;
  • Moving someone in or out of residential care;
  • Selling a home;
  • A dispute over a person’s guardian or deputy; and someone’s capacity to marry or have sexual relations.
  • In other cases, it will not be assumed that the judgment be made public, though it still can be.
Sir James Munby

Sir James Munby