This month’s gorgeous banner Art comes from author illustrator (and friend) Charlotte Reed.

Charlotte’s story is hugely inspiring. 

Having had to leave work due to an injury she sustained there (she developed a chronic case of RSI), she suddenly realised, somewhat reluctantly, that her body wasn’t going to fare well in a conventional work environment. Unsure about where to go from here, she decided to write a book, and draw all the pictures for it, herself. 

Why a book?

For several years, Charlotte had been adding “Thoughts of the Day” as her Facebook status. These were her own thoughts and wisdom on the philosophy of life and how to live well, and they went down a storm. So much so, that friends would often say to her that she should really put together all her thoughts and turn them into a book.

And that’s just what she did.

Since publishing her book last year, Charlotte has now sold over 2,000 copies of the fabulous, “May The Thoughts Be With You” and is constantly asked to supply local and chain stationery stores and book shops with her brilliant book. One shop even asked her to turn some of her drawings into greeting cards for them. In fact her drawings have become so popular, that she even offers them in print formats.

So, we asked Charlotte to choose her favourite drawing for us. When we asked her why she chose this particular picture, she told us that it’s been very popular with the kids who come to visit her stall!

When Charlotte isn’t busy giving interviews about her amazing story or drawing and writing away, you can find her at her stall on Portobello Road; she certainly has some amazing stories about the incredible characters who come to visit her there. But don’t take our word for it, you can ask her yourself, either by chatting with her on Twitter or checking out her Facebook page! 

A very big thank you to Charlotte for allowing us to use one of her awesome drawings on our site as our picture of the month, which we happen to love – what a fantastic message it delivers; we hope you like it as much as we do.