For many families Christmas this year will be about working their budgets so they can get their children the toys they’re dreaming Santa will bring them and enjoying warm nights in, watching re-runs of wonderful Christmas films and cartoons, but for many, things will be different.

Thousands of families across the UK will not have their children this year; they may have just lost them to the care system or face impending investigations which will determine whether or not they can keep their children, or grandchildren, next year. It is one of the darkest moments in their lives and some are already living anniversaries of those fateful decisions, silently mourning the loss, which never leaves them.

Maggie Tuttle, who campaigns for the Voice of the Child to be heard in court proceedings and who has experienced the pain of this kind of loss, also happens to write the most beautiful poetry. She has asked me to share some of her writing on the blog, so I have added it below.

From both Maggie and I, to those families suffering in ways we cannot even imagine this Christmas, we are all thinking of you, and these poems are dedicated to you and your children:

A Poem For a Special Boy 

From the day you were born

My life was a joy

From morning to dawn

You were the happiest boy

Just like when your daddy was born

You both were two little joys

To be loved and to be cuddled my two gorgeous boys

Just like the day you were born.

The memories we keep of those wonderful joys

Cause the day you return you will be a man not a boy.

Written by Maggie Tuttle December 2013

To a special little girl for ever 

The day you were born so was a world

To love and to hold

You were my world

You were taken from me into an unknown world

 But in my world you will live forever

And one day soon you will be back forever

As always you will remain my little girl

  And one day you will know the world is just you and I

 May god forgive those who trespassed against us?

 Written by 

Maggie Tuttle  December 2013

For all the little girls taken from their families at Christmas