We’re coming to the end of 2013, a year which for Researching Reform has been truly special, for the newest members of our community who have come to share their thoughts with us, and who are now a part of the site, and our Encyclopaedia, which has grown since its creation a little less than a year ago, to mention but a few things.

Having set up the Encyclopaedia’s site and managed, through the grace and generosity of some of the best minds in the field, to garner an Editorial Board we feel privileged to have, we have been taking submissions and getting them ready for publication.

We’re very excited to be able to tell you that in the last few weeks, we have received articles on ground-breaking research relating to child welfare, brilliant pieces on divorce and mediation, and await some outstanding articles on legal aspects of the family law process, from mental capacity to private family law. We hope to be able to share those with you in the near future.

In the mean time, please don’t hesitate to contact us with submissions if you’d like to share material with us.

This project is designed to ensure that those who cannot access their basic legal rights when it comes to representation in their family cases have somewhere to go. It ensures that information which people so desperately need, is available to them, in simple language, and in turn helps to make the process a smoother experience for parents and practitioners alike. And we know that well prepared parents make for less delay and better outcomes for children inside the system.

But more than this, by taking part in this project, by offering articles you’ve written on family law, medicine, psychiatry, social work and more, you are helping, with every submission, to restore the public’s confidence in the justice system and people like you and I, who work in it.

Your contribution makes a genuine difference; every time we publish a piece, it is read widely, re-tweeted and incites debate, on matters which are close to all our hearts.

We would like to thank those stellar men and women who have already donated content to the Encyclopaedia, from articles, to chapters of books they’ve written and more, and hope very much that some more of you will come forward and do the same. If you’re looking to do a good deed this Christmas, what could be easier than sending a piece over? A couple of clicks, and you may just have helped a family in dire need of support.

As we continue to edit away, we wish you a fantastic Christmas and will be doing our usual Christmas post bonanza a little later on in the month!

Thank you