This morning’s question comes from a highly unusual set of events, which stem around the notion of what is deemed appropriate territory when it comes to probing families in matters of divorce.

A dispute over contact in New York recently led one lawyer in court to make an inference about the mother involved, in a rather controversial way. The lawyer, who was acting for the father, was asked to investigate the mother’s medical records to confirm an abortion she had, had in fact taken place. The father then instructed the lawyer to bring the abortion to the attention of the court. The lawyer for the mother objected, but she was overruled by the judge overseeing the hearing.

Women’s groups were outraged by the court’s questioning in this case, with some taking the view it took women’s rights a step back and that it inferred women who had abortions were not good mothers and were viewed as unfit to parent. But some research suggests that abortion can cause depression and affect women after the procedure.

So, what do you think – Should the court be allowed to make inferences from an abortion or should some things remain out of bounds?

Over to you….