We came across this interesting report by Grant Thornton, which appears to have been published on 13th September of this year, and which focuses on the actual and perceived impact of the Family Procedure Rules 2010, co-habiting couples and case-law, and the impact of alternative dispute resolution on separating couples. The report helpfully compares the data from their 2011 survey.

There are some statistics of note:

  • Much like our US counterparts, the main reason cited in divorce proceedings was falling out of love, with extra marital affairs a close second
  • Most marriages last between 11 and 20 years
  • Most lawyers questioned in the survey wanted to see increased protection for cohabiting couples, closely followed by the introduction of no fault divorce
  • 42% of those asked felt that co-habiting couples should not get the same rights as married couples (and a further 15% said No, subject to certain conditions)
  • The use of collaborative law is on the rise

It’s worth a quick gander.