Some interesting news items and a case which is a Must-Read, about a mother’s appeal (which was dismissed), to prevent her child from being adopted and a clarification on the law defining the threshold criteria for adoption:

  • Re B-S (Children) – a heart breaking case, but Munby, Black and Dyson (Master of the Rolls, not the Hoover), give a robust and worthy explanation of the adoption threshold, which is not followed enough, we feel. ([2013] EWCA Civ 1146)
  • SPLIT makes headwaywe posted about this project a while back and it looks like it’s moving. We’re glad. A candid film featuring children talking about divorce is always worth a watch, and worth supporting.
  • Nearly 70% of children’s homes cannot afford to provide outstanding care: the excuse – lack of funds. But they were embarrassingly rubbish places before, so what gives? Get your act together. You’re all still being paid to care for the kids, right? Hugs are extra? We’re angry now. Can you tell?