A big thank you to Jon Harman, friend and legal and social media maven extraordinaire, for sharing this next item with us on Twitter. He kindly alerted us to this video during an exchange of tweets on a book we are currently reading called “How Children Succeed” By Paul Tough (an excellent book which we feel is a must-read for anyone who is interested in children and child welfare – the concept of Tools of The Mind, mentioned in the book, is worth a Google in itself).

The video is an engaging soliloquy by a young man, questioning contemporary education and its usefulness, as measured by the sometimes fluctuating and often ambiguous, notion of success. It’s already clocked up a million views, and you’ll see why when you watch it. Clever puns and reflective narrative make it interesting and positively engaging.

An inspiring video for any teens also thinking about their future post exam results this Summer – don’t let unexpected grades deter you from your dreams….

Do watch this if you feel our education system is lacking something. Gove, take note: it’s only 5 minutes long; your attention span should manage it.