It’s that time of the year when other mischief takes us temporarily away from the blog, but we will be back next week. If you post comments in the next few days and they are not published, please be patient with us, we will make sure your news and views go up upon our return.

In the meantime, we would like to thank you, readers and posters of the blog, for stopping by and would like to share some other cool stuff on the blog for you to check out until we are back in full throttle mode.

For families who have been through the family courts, experiences can range from uncomfortable to surreal, and we aim to highlight these issues in our Children In The Vine series. We’ve written around a nine episodes so far and will hopefully get to write a few more once we’ve completed current projects we’re working on. All of the stories are inspired by things we and others have seen inside the family courts and we hope you will find them interesting. (WARNING: Some episodes contain bad language and graphic detail, which some may find distressing).

If you’d rather be cheered up and entertained, our “In Dad’s Shoes” nationwide Photographic Exhibition which was created for and with DadsHouse is a must-see. From photos of the launch in the House of Lords to awesome collaborations with one of the country’s finest portrait photographers, and summaries of course of everything we’ve been up to, this exhibition celebrating parental love is one for everyone.

Occasionally we also indulge in a little mischief in the House of Commons, and our Westminster Debates, which are designed to get politicians and the public talking, in the same room, are worth a look.

Our online encyclopaedia for families and practitioners too is still alive and kicking and our first entry from the Centre for Social Justice is one of we hope many to come. We also have a kick-ass Editorial Panel, which continues to grow. If you’d like to write an article for the encyclopaedia and give something back, check out our guidelines here. We are tough task masters though, and the bar is set high. Can you handle it?

And finally, if it’s just too hot, we’re always up for a little laid back snooping: check out our categories section or search our blog for things you want to find.

Thank you again to all our readers and posters, we’re very lucky to have eyes perusing our madness from time to time and we wish you a wonderful Summer.