Would you like to have your photograph taken by a famous photographer and maybe, just maybe, find yourself and your children being featured in some of the most beautiful and widely visited venues in the country?

It’s not every day that we get the chance to have our picture taken with our children by one of the country’s greatest portrait photographers, but that is exactly what DadsHouse are offering lone fathers in the UK.

Lone fathers are dads who are bringing up their children on their own, without the help of their partner, either due to separation, divorce or bereavement.

The Founder of DadsHouse, Billy McGranaghan was a lone father himself and chose to set up DadsHouse to help lone dads get the support and help they needed – support Billy was not able to find for himself as a lone father at the time.

As part of its highly successful “In Dad’s Shoes” Nationwide Photographic Tour, featuring photographs of lone fathers by renowned photographer Harry Borden, who has captured icons from the world of politics, to pop music and beyond, DadsHouse is looking for lone fathers and their children to take part in the exhibition by sitting for photos with Harry. As a big thank you, you will be able to keep a copy of the photo free of charge, as a souvenir of the day and most importantly as a treasured memory.

Harry Borden has photographed some of the most famous people of our time, including the late Baroness Thatcher, Tony Blair, Robin Williams, Charlotte Church and other icons from all over the world. He is a dad himself, to four lovely little people and the subject of lone fathers is one that is close to his heart. Harry is collaborating with DadsHouse on this special exhibition and they are thrilled to have such a talented and kind photographer on board.

If you are a lone dad and you’d like to take part in the exhibition and have your photo taken, all DadsHouse will need is your permission to use the photo in its nationwide exhibition and your contact details, so that they can arrange a day to take the photo, at a time that suits you.

You can contact Billy McGranaghan on his mobile: 07765 183 504 or you can reach him on Twitter at @DadsHouse.

You’re also welcome to leave a message for us on this post and we’ll put you in touch with Billy.