This exhibition has been emulated by Local Authorities, nabbed by Father’s Organisations and praised by peers in the House of Lords and it’s still going strong 10,000 visitors on…. What are we rambling on about? The one and only “In Dad’s Shoes” exhibition, of course!

And it shows no signs of slowing as it’s been invited back to The Builder’s Arms in Kensington for yet another exhibition. You can check out the Press Release for this bad boy here, and we hope you’ll come along to look at these gorgeous photos if you happen to be passing by the neighbourhood or just a stone’s throw away from it.

With over 10, 000 visitors having come to check out this fantastic exhibition celebrating parenthood and the wonder of fathers, “In Dad’s Shoes” continues to lead the way when it comes to showcasing the vital role parents play in their children’s lives and the much-needed services DadsHouse offers, which to date is the only organisation of its kind delivering its unique brand of warm support and advice, with an all-embracing attitude towards mothers as well as fathers. DadsHouse is the real thing – come check out the exhibition to see why.