As we’ve now been asked a few times where various quotes and comments from the second reading can be found, and where one might be able to access a transcript of the debate on the Bill which took place in the House of Commons on Monday, we’re adding it for you here, so you can grab it and go.

The Transcript, which can be found inside the House of Commons Hansard, is an almost word for word account of the debate members of parliament had on the Children and Families Bill and is colourful, thought-provoking and thorough.

From the usual suspects, like John Hemming MP tackling the issue of forced adoption, to recently defrocked Minister Tim Loughton MP who’s risen from the ashes to make an interesting come back, reinventing himself as the ultimate diplomat, it makes for a lively read, whether you work in the system or just have an interest in family.

Happy reading…..