Welcome to another Monday morning, the grey pin-striped don of the days of the week, and to try to shake off those charcoal blues, we’ve got a question for you that also includes a poll. Not poll tax, or pole dancing, or even the North Pole (way more fun, but a little chilly), but a survey kind of poll, for your Monday morning musing.

This week’s question focuses on the government’s relentless quest to initiate compulsory mediation at best and at worst, to encourage parents to use mediation processes, but it’s all gone rather pear-shaped, as figures show that mediation isn’t being taken up by parents suffering with marital breakdown and separation. Solicitors and judges are being blamed for the lack of up take and some data suggests that where mediation does take place, parents settle out of court and the number of applications to court drops. But what do you think?

So our question to you this week, is just this: Do you think mediation can ever work as between couples in conflict?