We don’t usually comment on things which are a little removed from family matters, but we felt that this particular event deserved a little attention, because in many ways it speaks to the notion of family and support and how women view each other. What are we warbling on about? The latest rant by acclaimed authoress Hilary Mantel, who accuses the Duchess of Cambridge of basically being a puppet on a string, with her only job description being that of Heir Making Machine.

Now, we are not pro monarchy (or anti it for that matter) and we do think Hilary Mantel makes some interesting points about the purpose of Royal Families in today’s world and their current love affair with PR companies and diplomatic photo ops, but when we find that these thoughts are couched in vitriolic language, we find ourselves asking several questions: when women are often so good at supporting each other, why is it that they are often equally as good at destroying and tearing down their fellow sisters? And what do Hilary Mantel’s views on The Duchess of Cambridge say about feminism and the reality that may be dawning on us women everywhere, that maybe, we cannot have it all?

Our friends have been commenting on this story for the last few hours, but we thought we’d post our reply to a Facebook post on the matter below and hear your thoughts on the matter and our sentiments, too:

“So, what did you think of Mantel’s Moment of Truth?” [Sic]

“In amongst what appears to be a misguided neo-feminist rant, which tells us more about Mantel’s own personal angst than The Duchess of Cambridge, is an interesting point about the royal family and its usefulness. However, it is disappointing that so many high profile women are clearly angry at what they perceive to be women who have taken the easy option, or who appear not to be flying the flag for career women. But why should they? Being a woman is not about furthering the political sentiment of the day or tearing down other women who choose one path over another. Being a woman is about being what we want to be. And as much as Mantel’s points, once shed of their loathing, have merit, the fact that she chose to expose her prejudice and hatred makes them less valuable and demeans her excellent writing skills. At this point, I feel more sorry for Mantel than Kate.”

So, that’s what we thought. What do you think? Are we right about Hilary’s outburst, can women learn to be more supportive of each other and is this a feminist issue, at all? Tell us what you think…..

Hilary Mantel