A judge this past week has handed down a decision which is not only heroic, but symbolic of what all good judicial practice should look like. 

In an article in the Daily Telegraph, we are told that Mr Justice Cobb (and we hope and assume very much that this is the one and the same Stephen Cobb QC who was recently appointed a high court judge), has prevented a local authority from taking away a child from their adoptive mother, who had recently gone blind.

The article tells us that the local authority had made only superficial enquiries, something that happens too often, and that no attempts had been made to give the adoptive mother assistance before trying to remove the child despite the continued efforts of the family to seek out such help, something, unfortunately, which happens far too frequently, also.

The piece in the Telegraph is a must-read. It’s been a long time since we’ve awarded anyone Judge of The Week, but Mr Justice Cobb is our Judge of the Week, for his bravery, common sense and compassion. We will look forward to reading more about the cases he works on in the future from what is sure to be a cutting-edge judge, blazing a trail in the right direction.

The judgment can be read here.

Stephen Cobb

Stephen Cobb