This morning we had the privilege of interviewing Maggie Tuttle,who is a tireless campaigner for the Voice of the Child in the care system.

In this interview we discuss children who have been abused in care, the possibly controversial revelation that 18 year old’s are legally allowed to foster, what it’s like for those children who end up running away from care homes and foster homes and living on the streets of London, Maggie’s own charity, Children Screaming to Be Heard, which she set up to provide an ingenious solution to help abused runaways and her petition to ask Downing Street to set up a monument for all the forgotten children who have been let down by the system or abused by those in charge of protecting them.

You can access the interview below:

Maggie Tuttle on Children Abused in Care

Maggie Tuttle, Founder of Children Screaming to Be Heard