It shouldn’t be a shock by now, our country is a national and international disgrace when it comes to prioritising children, but here is yet another report which shows that little is being done to take care of our children and offer them the love and support they need.

This latest report apparently tells us that sexual re-offending amongst children and young people could be prevented but the system is failing. 

Chief Inspector of Probation, Liz Calderbank, said on behalf of all inspectorates:

“We were….. very concerned to find that a sizeable number of these children had been referred on previous occasions to children’s services but the significance of their sexual behaviour was either not recognised or dismissed. This, to us, represented a lost opportunity, both for the children themselves and their potential victims.”

The Inspector who carried out this report found the following:

  • There were unacceptable delays in the court system for these cases
  • Despite some good examples of best practice, much of the work  was characterised by poor communication between the relevant agencies, with inadequate assessment and joint planning;
  • Many of the young people involved had multiple needs which were rarely addressed
  • Children who were taken in by YOT workers were more likely to fare better than their un detected counterparts
  • Despite some successful outcomes, there was little evidence of routine evaluation at a strategic level of the quality of effectiveness of multiagency work.

And unlike the system, children who were helped, not surprisingly, were outstanding and made the most of the support. The report tells us:

Inspectors found that most children and young people complied with their order, engaged well with work undertaken to address their offending and the majority had not reoffended at all.

Go figure.