Here at Researching Reform we are anti smacking and in favour of removing the current double standard in law which makes it illegal for adults to hit one another, but not for an adult to hit a child, and our latest piece on Chris Grayling’s remarks about the benefits of smacking have left us, well, gob smacked.

You can see the article we wrote here and the many and varied responses we received from readers of the blog who took the time to comment. But we wanted to  hear from Children’s charities too, to find out what they thought about Chris Grayling’s remarks. To date, the responses have been diplomatic – no charity has yet mentioned Chris Grayling directly, but they are making a stand, slowly but surely against smacking.

Here are the replies we have received so far from Children’s charities and members of staff both past and present from some of these organisations, who very generously responded to our tweet “What do you guys think about Chris Grayling’s sentiments on smacking?”



(There is a link on Fatima Ayad’s tweet, which you can access here. Fatima works at the press office for the NSPCC).






(There is a link on The Children’s Society Tweet, which you can access here).

We will add more responses if and when we get them…..