It’s Monday morning and no one really wants to be awake, so it’s only right that distractions in the form of cog creaking questions should be made available to the work-shy and the anti-morning person population at large, and this week’s question is sure to turn bleary eyes sparkly with thought.

A court has just recently ruled that sperm donors may seek contact orders with their children. Whilst the ruling is protective of the immediate family unit (such a contact order can only be applied for if the donor knows the person they donated to), it will mean that people opting to use sperm donors will need to think about the new implications in doing so.

Our question to you this week, is, of course: do you think that sperm donors should have this right, in this context?

Possible answer: If we look at it from the perspective of the child, this decision could be a double edged sword. However, it could be argued that it is likely to be in a child’s best interests to know who their genetic parents are, regardless (in most cases), of the circumstances.