This moving video was shared with us by a very lovely lady called Maggie Tuttle, who campaigns tirelessly for children who have been abused in care and who, sometimes, run away from their care homes to find relative safety on the streets (if one can imagine the streets a safer option than a roof over our heads).

The video features Ben Lindsay, a young man, who is also homeless, as he sings about what it’s like living, quite literally, out of a cardboard box. The video also features more people who are homeless in London (you can even see Maggie herself, the beautiful lady with dark brown hair).

It’s a poignant video, and a definite must-see, not just for the terrible predicament young men and women all over the country like Ben find themselves in, but for the amazing outlook in this video and the sense of family.

Click on the image to access the You Tube video….