We’re delighted once again, to be able to announce that the Encyclopaedia on Family and the Law has a new member on its Editorial Board.

Professor Jane Fortin is Emeritus Professor of Law at Sussex University, having recently been a professor of Law at King’s College, London.

Her strong interest in family and child law has led to her writing widely on legal and policy developments relating to children and their families. With colleagues, Joan Hunt and Lesley Scanlan, she recently completed a research study funded by the Nuffield Foundation (Taking a longer view of contact: The perspectives of young adults who experienced parental separation in their youth) which throws new light on the way contact arrangements affect children as they grow into adulthood. These papers have become a focal point in the family justice system, sparking debate on the issues contained inside the research, within government, and amongst key stakeholders and parents themselves.

Professor Fortin’s particular interest in children’s rights has led to a number of publications including a text, Children’s Rights and the Developing Law (3rd Ed 2009, Cambridge University Press) and numerous articles. She is a co-founder and a joint editor of the Child and Family Law Quarterly. 

She is a trustee of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE), and is also responsible for co-founding the Child Studies Postgraduate Programme at King’s College London.

We’re privileged to have Professor Fortin on board and we look forward to working with her.

Professor Jane Fortin

Professor Jane Fortin