We’re very excited to be able to announce that this most fantastic of all competitions has finally landed!

Acclaimed portrait photographer Harry Borden, who has exhibited more than one hundred pieces of his work in the National Portrait Gallery and who has photographed some of the most iconic people of our time, from Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher to one of our favourites, Mo Farah, will not only take photos of every lone father who’s nominated, but will be offering a signed photo as one of the prizes!

The super-fab Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust who are based in West London are hosting the next exhibition in partnership with DadsHouse for the “In Dad’s Shoes Tour”, a photographic exhibition currently touring the United Kingdom, featuring single fathers and their children, and the competition has been created to make the exhibition even more fun and unique. As each organisation and borough add their own flavour to the tour, we’re delighted to announce the “Single Fathers are Amazing” competition, and you can enter it, too!

If you’re a dude or dudette with a cool dude Dad who takes care of you, then this cool competition is the one for you. Just email in a photo, poem, painting, or get as creative as you like – the submissions will all be posted on-line and every single family will get a photo taken by Harry Borden of them with their dad. And it doesn’t stop there – the top ten entries will go on to be exhibited at the brand spanking new Dalgarno Community Centre alongside Harry’s photographs and there will be extra prizes for the top three entries!

(Please read our Terms and Conditions before entering; the closing date for entries is now 11th January, 2013)

Members of the press and interested organisations: please check out the press release below and don’t hesitate to get in touch.






Competition hosted by The Dalgarno Trust in partnership with DadsHouse

The Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust[i], which offers a wealth of community services in London, joins DadsHouse[ii], a social enterprise dedicated to supporting family, in a unique competition which features photographs taken by acclaimed portrait photographer Harry Borden[iii], of fathers who are the sole or main carers of their children. The competition is part of the “In Dad’s Shoes” Exhibition[iv], a national photographic tour which aims to raise awareness of lone fathers[v].

As well as showcasing photographs taken by Harry Borden, The “Single Fathers Are Amazing Competition” will also feature winning entries from young people in the local community, which will be exhibited side by side in the newly refurbished Dalgarno Neighbourghood Trust Community centre[vi].

Research suggests that there are at least 238,000 children living with their fathers[vii], many of whom are unable to access the support they need.  This competition has been lovingly created to celebrate the role of single fathers and to highlight the need for greater support services for fathers and their children[viii].

Founder of DadsHouse, Billy McGranaghan explains: “The photography competition is a wonderful way to get the local community involved in a worthwhile cause, to bring people together in a fun environment and to catch a rare glimpse of a usually shy group through the medium of Harry Borden’s personal and touching photographs. It’s also a great way of showing there are many wonderful dads out there, who inspire other dads to be role models for their children.”

Harry Borden feels strongly about the issues: “I was very impressed with the conciliatory approach favoured by Dad’s House.  During the maelstrom of divorce, children should be central to our concerns. They can easily be forgotten in the hurt and recriminations.  I jumped at the opportunity to be involved with Dad’s House because parents, especially fathers who embrace this ethos should be celebrated and supported”.

Tara Kennedy, Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust: We work to build better futures with children, families and communities. We know that single fathers work hard to maintain positive and strong relationships with their children, and we know what happens to children when there is no father-figure. We are delighted to work with both DadsHouse and Harry Borden to celebrate and highlight the critical role fathers play in families.

For further information please contact

Natasha Phillips on behalf of Dads House

07769 647 983



Tara Kennedy – Dalgarno Trust

07769 875 588



Notes to Editors:

[i] The Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust is a charity which aims to deliver services of the highest quality through education, training, art and health projects to the local community in the Dalgarno and North Kensington area.

[ii] DadsHouse is a social enterprise which actively offers single fathers support, from life coaching, to cooking classes and football nights. Dads House also hopes to be able to offer single fathers accommodation, which is a much-needed service.

[iii] Harry Borden is a multi-award winning portrait photographer, who has photographed some of the most iconic people of the twentieth and twenty-first century. His work features prominently in the National Portrait Gallery.

[iv] The “In Dad’s Shoes Exhibition” is a nationwide photographic tour featuring photos of single fathers and their children. The tour was launched in The House of Lords by Baroness D’Souza and the Earl of Listowel.

[v] To date, the tour has exhibited in venues around Scotland including the Scottish Parliament and venues in London, including Kensington and Knighstbridge.

[vi] The centre is due to open in January 2013 with the competition winners announced and the exhibition featured at the centre’s official launch on Thursday 24th January. If you’d like to attend, please contact either Natasha or Tara. You can access details of the competition on the official website.

[vii] Office of National Statistics: Family Structure and Family Formation

[viii] The sponsors for the competition are The Peabody Trust and Bob Books.

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