There has been lots of activity in the Palace of Westminster recently on family law related issues and this morning sees the continuation of this exploration of our family justice system with some of our most senior family law judges being questioned on the adoption process in our courts.

Justices McFarlane (former Family Liaison Judge and now Lord Justice of Appeal, Member of the Family Justice Review), Ryder (author of Judicial proposals for the modernisation of family justice, published in July this year) and Her Honour Judge Hindley and Her Honour Judge Swindells, will be questioned by members of the House of Lords this morning on balancing rights of birth parents with their children, legal obstacles to adoption, the significance of a child’s heritage in relation to the adoption process and how the current law affects families in these contexts and what role the courts play in the adoption process.

The Select Committee on Adoption Legislation was set up to look at the laws governing this area and to examine the adoption process. Once it has done this, it will publish a report on its findings, with any recommendations it has after reviewing all the evidence it has collected.

The morning’s debate will start at 10.15 am and can be watched live by anyone who wishes to view it, on Parliament TV. But don’t worry if you can’t take a peek in real-time: the very clever tech crew at Westminster have ensured that you can play back the video, from the beginning, even if you only miss the first five minutes. Pretty groovy stuff.