A very interesting website called Social Work Social Care & Media are running a series of public debates on Twitter, which sees professionals within the family justice system, service users and interested tweeters sharing ideas and talking about the latest topics highlighted in the family justice system.

This week’s debate is about the allegations relating to Jimmy Savile and as the title suggests, will explore the things our government, the system and various professional sectors may have learned as a result of the tragedy, or are currently learning, as the story seems to take a series of new and unpleasant turns every day.

How are television personalities and high-profile people in general manipulating their environment to hide criminal activity, in this case, child abuse? What has the national scandal taught us about power, trust and prejudice? And can this terrible tragedy be used to make sure things like this are never swept under the carpet again? As more allegations of child abuse come to light in North Wales, this time citing a Conservative MP, judges and bankers amongst the long list of abusers, this timely debate is sure to be thought-provoking, and we will look forward to joining in and reading what others have to say on the matter.

If you have a Twitter account, you can follow the debate and join in, at 8pm this evening, when it starts, just by logging on to Twitter, looking for Social Work Social Care and Media’s Twitter Feed and placing the hashtag #SWSCMedia at the end of your tweets during the debate. (More details on this can be found via the first link in this post).

Come on over and tweet with us! Everyone’s welcome and no thought is too small or too big (unless you can’t fit it into 140 characters, in which case it’s too big). See you tonight!

Photo courtesy of Harry Borden