We’re delighted to announce that the Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law has a new member on its editorial team.

Fran Feeley is an experienced social worker who not only practices at the hugely innovative St Michael’s Fellowship but is also a member of staff at the ground-breaking Centre for Child Protection.

As a cutting-edge social worker, Fran is at the forefront of risk assessment and believes strongly that a love of family is essential to carry out social work, as well as a desire to try to keep families together wherever possible.

We’re thrilled Fran has agreed to join the editorial team and we look forward to pestering her with content to look over when it comes in!

The photo below is of Dr Shemmings, co-founder of the Centre for Child Protection, but click on the picture and you can watch Fran in action as she talks with Dr Shemmings about social work (video)