We’re delighted to be able to announce that DadsHouse’s innovative photographic tour ‘In Dad’s Shoes’ is now going to be showcased at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 20th September. 

The tour features photos of lone fathers and their children, taken by young photographers, with a view to highlighting not only the amazing work DadsHouse does in the family sector, but also to illustrate that parental love is not gender specific and that caring, loving fathers view their children’s worlds the same way mothers do – not as a place where a stake can be claimed in that child’s life, but as a world filled with loving responsibility and nurturing. DadsHouse held their launch of the ‘In Dad’s Shoes’ nationwide tour in the House of Lords in June this year and they must be thrilled to be asked to showcase their fantastically inspiring photographs in the Scottish Parliament this Autumn.

DadsHouse, a sector leader in the provision of services for lone fathers, embraces the whole family – mums, kids and dads are all welcome, thanks to their vision, which is to provide a place where families can stabilise and recover from separation, death of a spouse or divorce. You can see the incredible work they do, here.