We promised ourselves we would stop blogging over the Summer but clearly we can’t stay away from family law news. To that, all we have to say, is, nyyyyyaaaaaa.

Anyway, moving swiftly on, a very welcome piece of news which sees the APPG above on Child Protection launching an enquiry into some of the more concerning aspects of the Family Justice Review which have not been completely evaluated, in particular the 6 month limit on care cases and shared parenting legislation.

The APPG is going to hold seminars in the Autumn on three key areas (see article linked to above) and is welcoming contributions by interested parties for the inquiry. You can send written evidence to shelley.hopkinson@parliament.uk. The article tells us that, “The deadline for submissions on care plans is August 31 2012, ahead of a roundtable discussion on September 5. Further evidence should be submitted by September 21.”