There have been some rather interesting news stories making the rounds this week, so we’ve decided to add a couple of these to our Best of the Rest series, below:

  • Smacking causes long term effects on adult mental health – Or, for those who don’t believe emotional harm is as important as the physical, and David Lammy, now is the time to rethink the reflex.
  • Same sex marriage and surrogacy – Unless we’ve misread the article, it seems to be a very balanced, non-homophobic exploration of the subject matter from a Catholic website, focusing on the possible exploitation of women in India relating to surrogacy.
  • The High Profile Divorce and America – Katie Holmes asks to make her divorce public, but how will the US courts respond and would it make a difference if Ms Holmes wasn’t well-known or based in England?
  • The Celebrity Divorce – a very thought-provoking article from Psychology Today, urging couples to reduce conflict and keep things private. We don’t agree with everything in this article, we are not believers in parental alienation as a syndrome, and on another tack, there is perhaps a very good reason why Katie Holmes wishes her divorce proceedings to be made public, however a good article, we feel, inviting discussion.
  • Judge bans reporting of finances – The journalists said there was a public interest angle; the judge disagreed.