Last week, Mr Justice Ryder, who is in charge of modernising the family justice system, has described what he feels is the way forward, by scrapping the adversarial process and replacing it, with an inquisitorial one. The differences between the two systems can be great, however the underlying distinction between them is that in the inquisitorial process, judges have far greater control than they do in the adversarial model, which has currently dominated our family courts.

That judicial control, Mr Justice Ryder has said, will take the form, amongst other things, of greater say over the appointment of experts, effectively allowing judges to make decisions on welfare that they have not had the chance to decide on, in the past. (You can read his speech in full, here).

So, what do you think? Will the removal of an adversarial system and the placement of an inquisitorial one make things better, or is it just window dressing? Take our poll, leave a comment, if you dare!

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