As women continue to try to find the right work-life balance, a high-flying businesswoman and one time senior adviser to Hillary Clinton has sparked a national debate in America over whether or not women can really have it all.Once a staunch feminist, Anne-Marie Slaughter has come to the conclusion that trying to have a full-time career and be a carer at the same time is not possible.

Her views have caused a furore in America, with many women, some staunch feminists, accusing Anne-Marie of being short sighted and having an overly presumptuous take on what makes women happy.

Here at Researching Reform, we agree wholeheartedly with Ms Slaughter. Whilst the fact remains that many women must work and look after their children and should be commended for doing so, we cannot ignore the reality of the conventional work life on families. However, women are starting to find better ways of working and caring. To combat the dreaded fall out from the work-life balance, women in Poland have taken the matter into their own hands and are creating jobs which are family friendly, for themselves.

But what do you think? Can women really have it all, do they know what they want and does someone inevitably always lose out in the work-life balance? Have your say on our poll!