We would like to thank CharonQC for having Researching Reform on last night to talk about family policy and the law. It was a privilege to be able to chat with Charon and as always, we managed to laugh as well as discuss some very interesting areas relating to the human condition and the law.

During the podcast we talked about the work Researching Reform does, the exciting collaboration with DadsHouse and the event we’re holding in the House of Lords to launch the nationwide exhibition, Erick Pickles and Problem Families, Gay marriage and the church, forced marriage and more!

You can access the podcast here – we should probably apologise in advance for talking too fast, making a couple of mistakes (we need to say sorry to the NIESR, as we called them the NISER….) and laughing, probably a little too loudly … šŸ™‚

CharonQC’s blog focuses on current affairs and the law, as well as offering outstanding and free resources for legal students. Well worth a read and a follow, if you’re not hooked onto it already. And the line up would not be complete without mentioning Charon’s Twitter feed – if you don’t fall in love with the Queen’s MI5 Ducks after the first tweet (ducks who tweet, go figure), then you’re just not reading the tweets carefully enough, init…..

Charon QC