Oh yes, the sun is out and it’s Monday, so the two cancel each other out and instead of a Sunday, we have…… well, we’re not sure, but we’re in a good mood, so Monday feels less like an angry Chinchilla nibbling our ear lobe; we’ll be thankful for that.

Our latest question for you is about child care. With the cost of child care being so high, very few families can afford to access that kind of support and then often find that going out to work only creates a situation where the majority of the income earned goes to childcare. So, what could our government do to help parents who go out to work?

Possible answer: Economic downturn or no, this area has been hugely problematic for years. Even in America in the 1970s parents’ needs were catered for….. our aunt in the US was able to leave her son at a very good crèche in her work place, check up on him whenever she wanted and the costs were low. Why don’t we do that here?