For many of us working in the family justice system, the presence of corruption does not shock or incite gasps of disbelief. For many of us, it is an everyday reality which we encounter with almost every case file and family unit.

So, it’s no surprise to us that an ex CQC inspector has been arrested over allegations of bribery: in short, she is suspected of pressurising care providers to pay for favourable inspection reports.

The implications of this, if found to be true, are enormous. It speaks firstly to the care received by children in these institutions, secondly to the culture inside the system for allowing this activity to take place for so long and thirdly the ingrained levels of corruption which have seeped into the system and have gone largely ignored until now, mostly due to the fact that the grand scale of incompetence is now costing the government money.

To that, all we have to say is “Duh”. Get it right the first time, provide dignified, loving, supportive services for children and the many errors which are taking place will not only be drastically reduced, but they will be forgiven by the public.

And, most importantly to our government, they will have to pay out less. And less. And less.

Let’s do this thing, already.